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Cosmetic Dentist in Philadelphia Restores Patients’ Lovely Smiles

An experienced cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia—such as Dr. Thomas DeFinnis of Wynnewood Dental Arts, for instance—practices convenient in-ofic whitening procedures designed to provide faster and better results than, say, store-bought or do-it-yourself teeth whitening products. Such a dentist also uses high-quality veneers and other dental restoration materials for more advanced cases.



A Sedation Dentist in Philadelphia Can Keep You Calm During Treatment

Sedation dentistry utilizes medical methods to keep patients calm and relaxed during procedures. Sedation comes in different degrees: minimal sedation keeps a person awake but calm; moderate sedation causes slurring and makes a patient oblivious to the procedure; deep sedation leaves one minimally conscious; and general anesthesia renders a patient completely unconscious.

Sleep dentistry in Philadelphia caters to individuals who want to undergo that much-needed dental procedure without feeling fear and anxiety. Due to sedative technology and advances, Philadelphians need not postpone appointments anymore. They can simply schedule a procedure-free appointment at a reputable practice like WynneWood Dental Arts for a consultation. A dentist may be able to educate them further about the most suitable sedative treatment.

In Pursuit of Happiness: Cosmetic Dentistry by a Philadelphia Dentist

It’s sad to know that a smile can be double-edged, too: while it should express joy and make some people happy, it can also be a hindrance to lifting the moods and spirits of others.

Thankfully, it’s the 21st century – technology is evolving, and science has been kind. Through cosmetic dentistry, people who are unhappy about how their smiles look can have a makeover done for their teeth. The noted Philadelphia dentist Thomas DeFinnis, DMD of Wynnewood Dental Arts is one professional in the area who can help you accomplish this, if you want to improve the appearance of your smile.

The services of a Philadelphia cosmetic dentist include, but are not limited to, correcting blemishes on the front teeth with porcelain veneers, and whitening teeth with light-activated bleaching systems.

Everyone deserves to be happy, so don’t let your teeth keep you from being so.

Turning to a Sedation Dentist in Philadelphia When Humor Isn’t Enough

“People with high levels of anxiety can be treated by long-term solutions that involve a series of therapy. This process will require some length of time, however, and may therefore not work if one needs an immediate dental procedure. For cases of severe dental anxiety, the services of a reputable sedation dentist in Philadelphia may be the best solution.

A skilled Philadelphia sedation dentist administers sedatives to patients to relax their nerves before the dental procedure is performed. The sedatives can be in the form of gas or liquid that are administered through inhalation, ingestion, or inhalation. “

Why a Noted Philadelphia Dentist Would Recommend Porcelain Veneers

Chipped, stained, or irregularly-sized teeth should not stop you from enjoying a confident smile. In the hands of today’s cosmetic dentist in Philadelphia and other locations, you’ll find the perfect remedy to these dental problems, and an article for Worldental.org discusses one of the best solutions—porcelain veneers. This cosmetic dentistry device is increasingly gaining popularity for its proven effectiveness in restoring the beauty of a person’s smile.

Generally, porcelain veneer installation is very safe. The procedure only varies in complexity due to the different conditions of the teeth where the device is to be installed. A reputable Philadelphia dentist will have to shave parts of the teeth if adding veneers will make them look bulky, and use the veneers to cover up the shaved areas.

Do You Have Dental Phobia? Visit a Sedation Dentist in Philadelphia

“Emma Jean-Weinstein recounted her experience in getting a dental implant procedure, saying that that one visit to her dentist was quite terrifying. Admittedly, she knew that her fears were just in her head, which was a similar sentiment of most other people with dental phobia. “I have a lot of company. In fact, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disordersestimates (DSM) that almost 4 percent of people are “dental phobics.” According to the DSM, the prevalence rates for dental fears are similar to the rates of people who fear snakes or heights.”

Researchers are convinced that some of the biggest triggers of dental phobia are the sound that some dental tools emit, like drills, and the feeling of claustrophobia that patients experience once they find themselves strapped in a chair. Hence, blocking such stimuli (i.e. sounds and visuals) can effectively make any dental visit much more bearable. Rather than relying on total sensory deprivation, many dentists now turn to seda

Ask Your Trusted Philadelphia Dentist about the Worm Drug Discovery

“The study showed that the Oxantel interferes with an enzyme needed by the bacteria for biofilm formation in a dose-dependent manner, making its efficacy level noteworthy. Oxantel, known as a drug that inhibits fumarate reductase in some bacteria, was then tested in Porphyromonas gingivalis, which is a vital bacterial component found in periodontitis biofilms. Remarkably, Oxantel was also reported to disrupt polymicrobial biofilms containing Tannerella forsythia, and Treponema denticola, which typically are components of periodontal biofilms.

At the end of the study, the researchers claimed to have found that the Oxantel treatment diminished six P. gingivalis gene products and increased 22 gene products, which make up a necessary composition of a genetic unit that controls availability of heme. As periodontitis has been known to affect 30- 47 percent of the adult population, it is best that you consult with a trusted Philadelphia cosmetic dentist like Thomas DeFinnis, DMD of Wynnewo