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Pearly Whites: Don’t Forget to Smile

A great smile is one of the more underrated features of a person. Not only does a great smile improve your appeal, it also gives the impression of youth, warmth, and good health. It is no wonder why people are stressed out a few days before a picture-taking, with teenagers spending hours in the bathroom just practice their smile in front of the mirror, etc.

With this in mind, everyone can agree that a smile that flashes white teeth is the best smile one can have; not only are these smiles pleasing to look at, these smiles also make the giver look young. This line of thinking is because our baby teeth are typically much whiter than the adult teeth that replace them. When you that take into account as we get older, the chances of our teeth becoming darker, yellower, or developing stains increase, it seems pretty demoralizing when we see others with beautiful pearly whites.

This is why teeth whitening is the most popular dental cosmetic procedure in the world. The procedure is often quick, usually an hour, and offers almost no pain and discomfort. When following the procedure, you’re usually advised to avoid food and beverages that have high pigment content (such as tomato sauce) for 24 hours. Then you’re ready flaunt those flawless, white teeth. So smile!