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How a Sedation Dentist Helps Manage Dental Fear

It’s normal to feel uneasy about a trip to the dentist, but there are certain instances when the uneasiness reaches an extreme level, such as in dental phobia. Dental phobia is an irrational fear that causes one to avoid a visit to the dentist or undergo any dental procedure, for that matter.

With dental phobia, there is an extreme level of fear of dentists that one is likely to suffer a panic attack when a family member or a friend happens to take him or her to a dental office by surprise. Meanwhile, dental fear is more of a reaction to a known threat or danger. Dental fear is quite common for those who have undergone a dental procedure before and was traumatized by the tremendous amount of pain they felt, such as in a wisdom teeth extraction.

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Dental Phobia? Sedation Dentist to the Rescue!

Who would have thought that dentists can be superheroes? And the enemy? Dental phobia.

In simpler terms, dental phobia is the fear of the dentist or dental treatment. While the cause of this condition may vary in terms of origin, one common consequence is the neglect of regular visits to the dentist.

Usually, it’s the thought of experiencing pain or the lack of control in the dentist chair that induce anxiety or even panic in patients. This could’ve stemmed from previous personal experiences or from the experiences of others. The field of medicine, which includes dentistry, is always advancing and has already found a solution for this predicament – sedation dentistry.

A sedation dentist is a specialist that can administer sedatives or anesthesia. This lessens not only pain but also the anxiety that individuals with dental phobia or even other generally anxious patients may experience.

The methods utilized by a sedation dentist can range from inhalation of nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, for awake procedures to intravenous delivery of general anesthesia, which leads to unconscious sedation for more complex procedures or patient needs.

Overall, trips to a sedation dentist have promoted the comfort of patients, lessened their anxiety, improved efficiency in dental treatments, and resulted in positive dental health behaviors.

Is dental phobia haunting you? Call for the help of your sedation dentist superhero today.

Dealing with Dental Phobia

If booking a dentist appointment already sends shivers down your spine, then you may have a phobia against dentists. Don’t worry! It’s a real thing, and a lot of people feel the same way. Sadly, this has caused several people to avoid going to the dentist altogether. As a result, their oral health is compromised.

Because of this issue, dentists have come up with ways to help people face their fears and finally get the care that their teeth deserve. Now, patients can choose to undergo conscious sedation so they can still undergo treatment and control their anxiety. Since they are fully aware of what is happening, they can cooperate with the dentist and respond to their questions without feeling any apprehensions.

Although sedation dentistry helps improve your disposition towards dentists, what you should know is that recovering from the phobia will start from you. Book that appointment and go to the dentist at your scheduled time. Remember that behind the mask and under the gloves and white lab coat is a friendly dentist who is there to help you out. Take a deep breath and talk over the details of the procedure with your dentist. Tell them about your fears and expectations so that they can determine how they can best proceed with your treatment.