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Cosmetic Dentistry for a Selfie-Ready Smile

Who doesn’t take a selfie these days? As a matter of fact, they’re so popular that they’re officially in the dictionary now. However, taking good selfies demand at least one thing—a lovely smile.

Maintaining a close-mouth smile for the cameras may be a good idea to keep those flaws hidden. Some researchers say, however, that the most powerful smile is one that is wide enough to show a person’s side teeth. Continue reading


Break These Habits for your Teeth’s Sake

They’re called bad oral habits for a reason: they ruin the general health of your teeth in one way or another. Unfortunately, most people are guilty of at least one bad habit. If you have a habit listed below, you should break the habit(s) before it (or they) ruins your teeth:

Chewing on Ice

This habit effectively grinds your molars down and makes them susceptible to cavities and chips. Studies have shown that this habit can be related to an iron deficiency. If you suspect this, talk to your physician about starting you on iron supplements. Continue reading

Teeth Whitening: An Atomic Close-Up

The science behind teeth whitening is relatively complicated. Even scientists are still unsure about how stains in teeth form and how oxidation removes them. Theory suggests that stain formation happens when positive ions in food substances attach to the negative ion in teeth enamels. Continue reading

Beauty Bites: On Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Some of the most gorgeous and dazzling celebrities in the world are known for their perfect, pearly-white smiles. Many people want to have such immaculate smiles, but the truth is that many biological factors can affect the growth and development of teeth, thereby altering their appearance. Fortunately, ordinary folks can have their teeth fixed just like their favorite celebrities with the help of a skilled cosmetic dentist. Continue reading

On Battling Periodontitis

Periodontitis or gum disease should be dealt with quickly before it propagates. The periodontal bacteria, if left unchecked, can deal extensive damage to the teeth and affect the patient’s quality of life. Continue reading

Recommended Teeth Whitening by Cosmetic Dentists

Daily habits can damage your pearly whites. Years of smoking and heavy intake of beverages like wine, or even coffee (aside from the general effect of aging to teeth) can leave unsightly stains or discoloration. This can really have a negative impact on one’s self-esteem or confidence, especially in social activities like dating, presiding meetings at work, and other gatherings.

Companies in the dental industry have already taken advantage of the demand for white, stain-free teeth and marketed handfuls of over-the-counter teeth whitening products like pastes and strips. However, the effectiveness of a product may vary from person to person. Hence, how can you surely restore the glorious whiteness of your precious teeth? Well, you can leave them to the expert – a cosmetic dentist.

Cosmetic dentists have recommended two effective ways to whiten teeth. First, there is home whitening in which you’re given custom-fitted mouth trays filled with bleaching gel. You’ll be directed on how or when to wear this, usually one or two hours every night for two weeks.

Another method, one perfect when your need is urgent or your schedule is tight, is one-visit whitening. Exactly as the terms imply, one trip to your cosmetic dentist and voila! Perfectly white teeth is revealed!

All of the gels or bleaching solutions used by a reputable cosmetic dentist are prescribed or recommended by the American Dental Association. Don’t waste your time, money and effort in over-the-counter products that may or may not work.

How Light and Heat Whiten Teeth

When you want whiter teeth, the dentist can shed light on that matter. Literally.

Light activation is a common sight for in-office teeth whitening, where the whitening agents react to any chemical light like halogen, LED, or plasma arc. These aren’t your ordinary desk lamps; agents such as hydrogen peroxide tend to react under different lighting conditions. The light helps the agent seep into the deeper layer of the enamel to cover up the tougher stains.

However, what really triggers the reaction is the heat from the light. One study cited that the role of light in the whitening process is to help the agent, now activated by heat, get as deep into the enamel as possible to commence whitening. With the exception of LED, these special lamps emit a lot of heat to trigger the intended reaction.

Then again, dentists are careful not to make thermal activation their goal in teeth whitening. Increasing heat output to boost the agent’s reactivity can also be harmful to the teeth. Thus, whitening systems that don’t emit heat, like LED lamps, are becoming popular among dentists. You may feel a bit of warmth or sting during a whitening operation but not any hotter than a fireplace.