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Tips from a Trusted Philadelphia Dentist: Teeth-Staining Food to Avoid

What better way for people to enjoy Philly in the summertime than by walking around a warm town with a cool popsicle or ice cream cone in hand? Well, if you don’t want to have to visit your local Philadelphia cosmetic dentist with a toothache and yellowish teeth by autumn, do consume these cold, colored treats in moderation, because they usually have high sugar and food dye content.

Teeth discoloration doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a dental issue that develops over time, and can be difficult to remedy when it reaches a serious level. You can stave its effect off by being conscious enough with the choices you make every day, especially when it comes to food.


Teeth Whitening: An Atomic Close-Up

The science behind teeth whitening is relatively complicated. Even scientists are still unsure about how stains in teeth form and how oxidation removes them. Theory suggests that stain formation happens when positive ions in food substances attach to the negative ion in teeth enamels. Continue reading

The Various Types of Sedation Used in Dentistry

Trips to the dentist can scare some people, especially since some procedures have the potential to cause pain. Thankfully, patients have the option to undergo sedation dentistry, which involves sedative drugs that can significantly reduce their pain and even help them relax. There are several types of sedatives used in dentistry, and patients would do well to familiarize themselves with each to dispel any personal reservations against their use. Continue reading