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Do You Have Dental Phobia? Visit a Sedation Dentist in Philadelphia

“Emma Jean-Weinstein recounted her experience in getting a dental implant procedure, saying that that one visit to her dentist was quite terrifying. Admittedly, she knew that her fears were just in her head, which was a similar sentiment of most other people with dental phobia. “I have a lot of company. In fact, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disordersestimates (DSM) that almost 4 percent of people are “dental phobics.” According to the DSM, the prevalence rates for dental fears are similar to the rates of people who fear snakes or heights.”

Researchers are convinced that some of the biggest triggers of dental phobia are the sound that some dental tools emit, like drills, and the feeling of claustrophobia that patients experience once they find themselves strapped in a chair. Hence, blocking such stimuli (i.e. sounds and visuals) can effectively make any dental visit much more bearable. Rather than relying on total sensory deprivation, many dentists now turn to seda


On Battling Periodontitis

Periodontitis or gum disease should be dealt with quickly before it propagates. The periodontal bacteria, if left unchecked, can deal extensive damage to the teeth and affect the patient’s quality of life. Continue reading

Dental Phobia? Sedation Dentist to the Rescue!

Who would have thought that dentists can be superheroes? And the enemy? Dental phobia.

In simpler terms, dental phobia is the fear of the dentist or dental treatment. While the cause of this condition may vary in terms of origin, one common consequence is the neglect of regular visits to the dentist.

Usually, it’s the thought of experiencing pain or the lack of control in the dentist chair that induce anxiety or even panic in patients. This could’ve stemmed from previous personal experiences or from the experiences of others. The field of medicine, which includes dentistry, is always advancing and has already found a solution for this predicament – sedation dentistry.

A sedation dentist is a specialist that can administer sedatives or anesthesia. This lessens not only pain but also the anxiety that individuals with dental phobia or even other generally anxious patients may experience.

The methods utilized by a sedation dentist can range from inhalation of nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas”, for awake procedures to intravenous delivery of general anesthesia, which leads to unconscious sedation for more complex procedures or patient needs.

Overall, trips to a sedation dentist have promoted the comfort of patients, lessened their anxiety, improved efficiency in dental treatments, and resulted in positive dental health behaviors.

Is dental phobia haunting you? Call for the help of your sedation dentist superhero today.

Ask Your Trusted Philadelphia Dentist about the Worm Drug Discovery

“The study showed that the Oxantel interferes with an enzyme needed by the bacteria for biofilm formation in a dose-dependent manner, making its efficacy level noteworthy. Oxantel, known as a drug that inhibits fumarate reductase in some bacteria, was then tested in Porphyromonas gingivalis, which is a vital bacterial component found in periodontitis biofilms. Remarkably, Oxantel was also reported to disrupt polymicrobial biofilms containing Tannerella forsythia, and Treponema denticola, which typically are components of periodontal biofilms.

At the end of the study, the researchers claimed to have found that the Oxantel treatment diminished six P. gingivalis gene products and increased 22 gene products, which make up a necessary composition of a genetic unit that controls availability of heme. As periodontitis has been known to affect 30- 47 percent of the adult population, it is best that you consult with a trusted Philadelphia cosmetic dentist like Thomas DeFinnis, DMD of Wynnewo