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The Top Dental Schools Offer Sedation Education

Sedatives in dental procedures were typically used only for serious dental procedures such as wisdom tooth extractions and the dreaded root canal. Today, however, these sedatives are now offered to patients with a crippling fear of dentists over routine procedures such as cleanings. In light of this new trend, the top dental schools in the United States have begun to offer the proper education and training in sedation dentistry.

The top 10 dental schools in the US, such as the University of Maryland and the University of North Carolina, are offering these courses to practicing dentists who wish to learn how to safely administer sedatives to their patients. Other Top 40 schools, such as the Oregon Health and Science University, have also begun to offer sedation dentistry courses in an effort to educate dentists on the proper use of sedatives.

Though the use of sedatives for dental procedures are generally safe, even the American Dental Association acknowledges that the safety and effectiveness of administering sedatives to patients depends on the skill level of the practitioner. Dentists who use sedatives on patients must be well-trained in administering these sedatives, as well as monitoring how patients react to these sedatives. As such, more and more states are requiring extensive education and a certain number of hours of training under the supervision of an anesthesiologist in order to better prepare dentists for the challenges of using sedatives.